Are you frustrated that you have to ask the dev team to make content updates to your marketing site?

Every new client logo, blog post, case study means a new ask. Sometimes, changes take weeks. Your never the priority, because product work comes first.

I get it…

What if you had the ability to update copy, add pages, case studies and update the look of your website without having to reach out to the dev team each time?

How much would that empower your team to experiment with the site?

How many new landing pages could you spin up in a month?

How much easier would it be to just fix that damn typo 🤬 yourself?

This is exactly what marketing teams who I work with end up being able to do. This is possible by setting up your website to work with Sanity CMS.

I work with you to handle:

- Content modeling

- Web development

- Sanity CMS development

- Integration work

Things I don’t work on:

- Design work

- Copy

- Infrastructure setup

- Everything else

Ready to empower your marketing team?

I promise this will not be a sales call. We will go over what problems you’re currently running into, and if there is a fit - we can talk about next steps.

You're making good progress and clearing the queue well, i haven't had to check in at all to see where a project is at or to remind the team to move things forward, which i love


Common Questions

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time web developer?

Most of the time, its not only expensive to hire a web developer, but its not a good use of time either. You have to spend time finding the right person, interviewing them, and then onboarding them. This can take weeks or even months.

Working with me, you can get started this week. You can structure your engagement for short term work (hourly) or longer term work (monthly).

There might be a time when you are ready for a full time hire, and I am here for when that happens. When this happens, we setup an offboarding session with your new hire, get them up to speed and give them everything they need to know to get rolling.

Are you going to just outsource our work to a junior developer, or hire someone from overseas?

Black Mammoth is an agency of one. This means you'll work directly with me (Edward), the founder of Black Mammoth. I've been building websites for the past 10 years, and narrowing my focus on Gatsby, Next and Sanity. This allows me to quickly deliver high-quality work. Your work is not going to get pawned off to a junior developer, or shipped overseas. Your also not going to get a templated approach that makes zero sense for your specific project.

How do we get you access to our codebase?

I will need access to your codebase in order to make changes and release all your awesome new features. I recommend using GitHub, but can also work with GitLab or BitBucket. Usually there is someone in your org who manages this, so we'll need to get in touch with them to get access.

Do you build (Webflow / WordPress / Insert Platform Here) websites?

No. I specialize in Gatsby, Next and Sanity. I believe these are the best tools for building fast, scalable websites.


Unlike some folks, I believe in knowing your costs before you get on a call.

There are two options to work with me:

1. Fixed price monthly engagements @ $19,995 / month

2. Shorter term hourly engagements @ $150 / hour

Ready to get started?